Assault on law
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Dear Editor,

This past Sunday, the president ordered an investigation into the FBI’s use of an informant to investigate his campaign. While seemingly innocuous this is a very dangerous assault on the rule of law in our country.

It is unprecedented for a president to make a wholly unfounded political demand that those investigating him for crimes against the United States be themselves investigated. Even more dangerous, it is a time tested tactic of authoritarians seeking to consolidate power.

The playbook is to attack the rule of law under the guise of ferreting out “corruption.” The president is once again using the official powers of the presidency and the machinery of the federal government to undermine the rule of law.

The long list of impeachable official misconduct continues unabated. That this now occurs without unanimous bipartisan excoriation and calls for removal speaks to how far off the rails our representative government finds itself. It is not in the least bit normal.

We must not lose sight, for that is what authoritarians seek. We must hold our members of Congress to account. Not a single one has spoken out about this latest assault on the institutions of our Republic.


Ethan Felder, Esq.

Forest Hills

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