Think a Scholarship is Out of the Question? Think Again
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Martin Luther School awarded 19 Academic Excellence Scholarships and the Jill Rudzewick Memorial Scholarship to the top scorers on November’s Academic Excellence Scholarship Exam.
Martin Luther School awarded 19 Academic Excellence Scholarships and the Jill Rudzewick Memorial Scholarship to the top scorers on November’s Academic Excellence Scholarship Exam.
Research into the scholarships available at our Top High Schools reveals that the amount of money available at specific schools varies little year to year. And while the type of student a school tends to like doesn’t typically change, they do alter things a bit. If parents stay informed, you might just catch a school at the right time for your child.

Msgr. McClancy announced it will be giving scholarships for music and performing arts based on, among other things, auditions. This tuition incentive award is indicative of how the school is looking to find a diverse and talented group of savvy students, according to director of admissions Nick Melito. Xaverian in Bay Ridge offers a music-based scholarship as well.

Note that “scholarships” and “financial aid” are quite different. Most of the information below is gathered to help parents determine how to apply for academic-based scholarships, although many of these schools also offer need-based financial aid. So call the school early for your best shot.

For college admission, students send out dozens of applications and colleges send back a letter stating acceptance and how much in scholarship and aid dollars they are willing to give you. For the student applying to a Top High School, a choice of schools in order of preference must be included on the TACHS exam.

This numbered preference is very important to the schools. Top High Schools generally don't offer scholarships to a student who puts their school as third choice, but some do, so read further.

For colleges, if a student desperately wants to attend an institution, there are usually ways to squeeze money from the school. That’s an important concept in understanding our Top High Schools. The schools we have profiled in this issue feel the same way. We also found if a family member attended the same school, they are more likely to give you a break.

Some schools put more weight on the TACHS when it comes to admission and scholarships, while others lean more towards grades. A few give their own tests, and if you score high enough you will be offered all kinds of financial incentives to attend. You can take scholarship tests at various schools without a problem.

In all cases check out the website, but here’s a quick rundown:

• The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates typically says first choice is imperative. Their open house is October 15, and there is a scholarship, entitled CSJ, with the application typically due mid-December.

• St. Agnes in College Point offers a competitive scholarship exam, and full and partial scholarships are based on that test and the TACHS. A sibling scholarship is also available. Their open house is October 14.

• Archbishop Molloy awards scholarships based on marks in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. They have a number of scholarships named for alumni who are or have been heavily involved in the culture of the school, including the Columbus Citizens Foundation scholarship.

• Holy Cross in Flushing relies on recommendations and TACHS scores, as well as prior academic success. The open house is October 22.

• Msgr. McClancy prides itself on total transparency in awarding scholarships. If you put them first, you are eligible for a scholarship, period. Based on TACHS and report cards, full, half and partial scholarships are given. The second child from the same family at the school gets half off tuition while they are both at the school.

There is also a Brother Vincent Cincotta Scholarship. The open House is October 7. The new Music and Performing Arts Scholarships needs a good TACHS, 1st choice and there are auditions for choral and band. So if a child plays a musical instrument, they could get a couple thousand dollars a year.

• Xaverian in Brooklyn awards $1.25 million in scholarships yearly. An exam is given, typically in early December. They offer music scholarships for those students who might have a few years of music study under their belt. Call their music director at (718) 836-7100 ext. 177. They also offer military family grants.

• From the Girls Who Code program to cooking to its Global Concern Club, St. Jean Baptiste graduated 100 percent of its girls to colleges. They were recently recognized as most likely to show girls how to “Run The World.” They offer scholarships to talented and gifted students based on TACHS scores and report cards. The open house is October 14.

• Martin Luther School in Maspeth offers scholarships based on scores from an academic excellence scholarship exam in November. Typically, the top 20 scorers will be offered financial incentives to attend. Martin Luther is also noted for it’s international student population.

Find out more at the open House on October 14. They believe in Buddy Days, or a few days each month where a prospective student spends a day with a current student at the school.

• Dominican Academy for girls is located in a townhouse on East 68th Street in Manhattan. Students who score well on the TACHS and indicate keen interest in the Dominican Academy will be considered for scholarships. They will be hosting two open houses on October 14 and 26. Due to the popularity of the open house and the small size of the school, either reserve a spot or get there early.

• Bishop Kearney offers a scholarship exam in December. Typically, over $300,000 is offered each year. The open houses are scheduled for October 12 and 29.

• Notre Dame in Greenwich Village uses TACHS or COOP-HBST, as well as grade school marks, for its scholarships. Students who put Notre Dame first or second get preference over third-choice selections. The open house is October 29.

• St. John’s Prep in Astoria awards numerous academic scholarships, most of which come from the school’s Board of Directors. A small fee is charged for the test, which is named after Peter Vallone. Check their website for dates.

Typically, the top 30 scorers receive scholarship offers. Only students who have an overall average of 85 or above are encouraged to take the exam. The open house is October 14.

• St. Edmunds offers a wide range of scholarships for students who list the school as first or second choice. Grades must be 90 percent or higher for math, science, language and social studies in 7th and 8th grades. The open house is October 14 and October 24.

• We like the way St. Vincent Ferrer, a Manhattan-based girls school, describes its scholars program. “We recognize that the academically gifted student needs to be challenged in a way which matches her talent in an ethnically diverse and culturally rich school.”

St. Vincent Ferrer typically gives scholarships based on TACHS scores and 6th, 7th, and 8th grade marks. TACHS scores must be 90 percent or better to qualify for the Ferrer Scholars Program. There is also a legacy scholarship for students who have had family members attend the school. The open house is October 14.

• For Xavier High School, if your son is an “A” student he should register for the scholarship exam on November 18. The open house is October 21. Xavier also hosts a summer program called Higher Achievement for boys during the summer of 7th grade. If interested talk to your grade school principal by January of the school year.

• St. Mary’s in Manhasset offers full and half-tuition scholarships to incoming freshmen based on high school entrance exams. The open house is October 15. Presentations are at 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.
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