New Strings or a Pro Setup for Your Guitar?
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Dan Puglisi (at guitar) & John Oliva of Mobile Guitars.
Dan Puglisi (at guitar) & John Oliva of Mobile Guitars.
“A lot of people come to us requesting a setup, but we tell them all they really need to do is change the strings,” says Puglisi. So how do you know if your guitar needs professional help or just a new set of strings? From the guys at Mobile Guitars, here’s the Top 5 Signs You Need a Pro Setup:

5. Strings Won't Tune

There are a variety of things that can happen for strings to not intonate (the guitar’s pitch accuracy up and down the neck) and tune properly from improper saddle placement, to narrow nut slots, to old strings with too many bends in them and too much grime. A proper set up will eliminate these issues.

4. Sharp Fret Ends

Necks can shrink a bit over time in low humidity and the metal fret ends can end up poking out a bit, causing discomfort when playing. A light side dress (included in Mobile Guitar’s setup) will smooth those edges out, leaving the neck feeling great in your hands. (More time-intensive fret dressing would be an extra charge.)


3. Dirty Electronics

Switches wear out and get dirty over time causing them to sound scratchy or short out in spots. A proper setup will clean out dirty electronics and check solder connections to make sure they are good and strong.

2. Fretwork

Frets can raise or flatten out over time, causing your notes to die fast or sizzle too much. A pro setup will ensure that the frets are sitting at correct heights for optimal playing and the neck pitch is correct. Frets that have gotten too flat will need more extensive fret work to correct the shape, or may need to be replaced all together.

1. Playability

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause a guitar’s neck to back bow or dip affecting the playability of the instrument. Adjustments can be made to straighten the neck and correct the string height (or “action”) across the board for optimal playing.

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