Harvey brings back memories of Sandy
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Seeing the destruction in Houston this week was devastating. A massive city underwater brings back frightening memories of Hurricane Sandy pounding the New York City region with winds, rain and flooding.

But Hurricane Harvey should serve as a reminder to New Yorkers, the most important being to prepare for the next catastrophic weather event.

It's important to have a plan because there's so much uncertainty surrounding these major storms. Sometimes they completely miss, sometimes the damage is worse than expected. You should always be hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Many residents of Houston were trapped in their homes when they were advised against evacuating. And truthfully, many people cannot afford to leave their homes for a prolonged period of time.

That's why it's important now, not three days before the storm, to come up with a plan of evacuation. Make sure you have an emergency kit in case you need to leave town for a few days, if that's an option. If you have a family member nearby outside of a flood zone, make a plan now.

If you don't have the means to leave, make sure your home is stocked with supplies like fresh water and emergency chargers for phones and radios. It could make all the difference.

Hurricane Harvey should also be a reminder to the city that green infrastructure is more important than high-rise developments along the waterfront.

In low-lying areas like Long Island City and Williamsburg, the city should be focusing more time and energy on resiliency measures instead of letting the waterfront become populated with luxury towers.

For example, the city announced they are planning on building a school, offices and 1,000 apartments in a hurricane evacuation zone in Long Island City. A petition was circulated calling instead for public parkland on the city-owned property, which would make the area more resistant to flooding.

The final reminder is one of charity. If you have the means, find a reputable local organization like local food banks or animal rescues and donate.
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