Phil Jackson Making Knicks More Toxic Than Ever
by John Jastremski
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The events of last week for the New York Knickerbockers franchise would be deemed bizarre, outrageous and perplexing to about 90 percent of the teams around the NBA.

However, considering the way business has been conducted at Madison Square Garden for the better part of 17 years - and especially throughout the tenure of Phil Jackson as team president - it’s simply par for the course.

Last week brought about a ton of unnecessary angst for Knicks fans, as rumors were flying leading up to the NBA Draft regarding the future of second-year sensation Kristaps Porzingis and his future with the organization.

If you are one of these folks that follows the rumor mill like I do, I bet you were full of rage, anger and bewilderment at the idea that the Knicks were seriously considering trading Porzingis after just two years with the team.

Think about this: Phil Jackson has screwed up just about everything with the team over the last three years.

The record speaks for itself, but Porzingis may be the only thing he’s gotten right with this team.

Why on earth would you consider dealing a potential franchise cornerstone unless you are going to get the moon and stars in return?

That’s exactly the problem. This was not a matter of Phil Jackson simply gauging interest to potentially make a move that could set the Knicks up for years.

Oh no, the reasons Porzingis was all of a sudden put on the market has nothing to do with basketball.

The Knicks all of a sudden started fielding calls on Porzingis due to the petty nature in which Phil Jackson has run this basketball team.

Jackson was irate about the fact that Porzingis blew off his exit interview after the season, and to a degree I understand his frustration.

Kristaps Porzingis made a mistake in not attending his meeting with Phil after the season. That said, considering the importance of Porzingis to the organization, wouldn’t it be best to sing mea culpa, kumbaya and move on?

Instead of letting bygones be bygones and moving forward with the rest of the offseason, Phil Jackson wanted to send a message to Porzingis.

Jackson’s interview on MSG with Al Trautwig was comical when you consider the fact that he said he’s never had a player miss an exit meeting before.

Oh really? Shaquille O’Neal with the Lakers missed an exit meeting with Jackson, and I think it’s fair to say his tenure in L.A. worked out pretty well.

Hearing that sort of quote makes me honestly believe the claim of one of the first-round picks that Phil Jackson fell asleep during their scheduled workout.

Needling the crown jewel of the organization is just not going to do you any favors around the league.

Phil Jackson has a reputation for being one of the greatest coaches of all time, that’s not deniable.

However, he’s gaining a reputation for being one of the worst executives in the history of the sport.

He’s stubborn, stuck in yesteryear and unwilling to change to adopt to the modern-day NBA.

It’s a terrible character flaw and it’s doing further damage to the Knicks reputation around the league when it comes to potential free agent targets.

Ask yourself this question: with the way Jackson has treated Carmelo Anthony and now Kristaps Porzingis, why would you want to come play for the New York Knicks?

If you would’ve told me three years ago that Phil Jackson would damage the reputation of the New York Knicks franchise, I would’ve called you crazy. But here we are.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the neverending heartbreaking soap opera better known as the New York Knicks.

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