Impeach Trump
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Dear Editor,

Do the people remember when President Richard Nixon made one very big mistake and was impeached?

Nixon made one mistake in the eight months he sat in the Oval Office, while President Donald Trump has been in office less than two week, and has made big mistakes each day of his reign.

When is enough enough? When will our representatives start discussing an impeachment effort to get this madman out of the Oval Office, and send him back to his failing businesses before he makes our country bankrupt.


Joyce Shepard

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Nayyir Strasner
February 23, 2017
While most all of Trump's actions are questionable, he is doing everything he said he would do while he was campaigning for the election. As a country and because of our right to popular sovereignty, "we" elected Trump, therefore "we" have to impeach him. Based on his actions there are an equal amount of people who will either agree with what he's put in place or want him impeached. If there were more people that wanted Trump out of office then we'd be stuck with the misogynistic, racist, ego-centric, conservative of a vice president. While I don't agree with the way the election went and as a young person, unable to vote, I feel that as of late this country has had to pick between the lesser of two evils consistently. Wistfully, I encourage you to think about the way Trump is handling the presidency and then remind yourself of how much worse Mike Pence is. As Americans, we are blessed with the right to free speech and questioning our government, some other countries aren't granted with the same simple civil liberties.Try to find gratitude for what might have happened but didn't.


Nayyir Strasner

Springfield Gardens