Only Odell Can Stop Odell
by John Jastremski
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Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens essentially was the entire picture of what you get when Odell Beckham, Jr. is on the field.

The Giants talented but polarizing wide receiver has been the subject of many debates between NFL talking heads and Giant fans alike regarding how to keep the all-world player in line despite a recent track record of simply losing his cool.

Remember after Beckham’s temper tantrum two weeks ago on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings, many wondered if the Giants would bench Beckham to send a message?

After all, this was the same player that was totally out of control last year, putting a personal beef with Josh Norman ahead of the task at hand, which was winning a football game against the Carolina Panthers.

Thankfully, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo never considered for a minute the idea of putting Beckham on the bench because he was the main reason the Giants found a way to get a much-needed win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Beckham’s performance on Sunday was legendary. He had over 200 yards in the second half. On a fourth-and-one play with the Giants trailing by three with under two minutes to play, Beckham turned what should’ve been a 10-yard slant play into a game changing 66-yard touchdown that gave the Giants the lead.

The story should have been Odell Beckham leads Giants to a season-altering victory.

However, we’ve learned with Beckham over the last two-plus seasons it’s never that simple.

After scoring the touchdown, Beckham decided it would be a good idea to take his helmet off before he sprinted over to the sidelines.

The result of Beckham’s action was a 15-yard penalty that set the Ravens up with excellent field position and gave them a chance to win the game.

There’s no defense for that sort of ridiculous behavior. Odell Beckham has to know the rules. He has to understand that the game goes beyond himself.

He’s very fortunate that the Giants held off Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens, because if they lost the game, those extra 15 yards would have been the difference.

There’s no denying the fact that Beckham is a showman, he’s an unbelievable wide receiver and has special gifts that not many players in the league possess.

However, he also has some quirks that make you wonder what goes through the guy’s mind on a daily basis.

Aside from the ridiculous penalty late in the fourth quarter, Beckham has this ongoing skit with the kicking net. Yes, the same kicking net that he lashed out on in a Week 3 loss against the Washington Redskins.

Beckham kept going over to the kicking net and ultimately dropped down on a knee and proposed to the net as the game was going on. (Yes, I tried to keep a straight face while writing that sentence.)

You wonder how many Giants on the sidelines looked at Beckham thinking “What in the world is this guy’s problem?”

I know that would’ve been my reaction.

At times Beckham’s stunts are just the sort of nonsense that ends up being a ridiculous and unnecessary distraction for everybody else involved with the New York Giants.

The talent is there, the will to win is there, but I question if Odell Beckham is more concerned about the brand than he is the New York Giants.

The Giants organization, McAdoo and quarterback Eli Manning have to try to do everything in their power to get this guy to focus all of his talent and energy into winning football games.

You don’t want a repeat of Jeremy Shockey or Terrell Owens, two players who put “me” about “we.”

Odell Beckham, Jr. is too good to simply be a me-first player. I don’t wan’t to see pouting, I don’t want to hear that “you’re not having fun,” let me see the player on the field that I saw throughout Sunday’s game.

Not the circus clown proposing to the kicking net.

If it’s about football for Odell Beckham, there’s no doubt he’ll be one of the best receivers this game has ever seen.

The only thing that can stop Beckham for the rest of 2016 and his career is himself.

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