Hillary's faults
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Dear Editor,

I find it absolutely incredulous that many of Donald Trump's biggest critics completely overlook transgressions of Hillary Clinton, transgressions which committed by anyone else would result in severe punishment or penalty.

For over 30 years I worked for two agencies of the federal government and one municipal. During that time, it was impressed upon employees that protection, safeguard, confidentiality and accuracy of official government documents was of utmost importance.

During my tenure I saw at least nine employees dismissed for improper handling of such information, from loss to destruction to amending documents without authorization. I recall coworkers being disciplined for not placing paperweights on piles of documents, misfiling or completion in red ink instead of blue or black.

Often these violations were held against employees for years.

The along comes Hillary Clinton, who uses a private server and deletes tens of thousands of emails. She claims she didn't know that documents marked "C" meant "confidential.” I find that hard to believe.

Any of us working-class folks would have found ourselves quickly on the unemployment line had we committed any of these actions.

In the past she lied about Benghazi, Vince Foster, and being on battle lines in Bosnia. And there is also the "pay to play" policy of the Clinton Foundation.

She has made a career of lies and deceptions and is entirely untrustworthy.


Edward Riecks

Howard Beach

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