Pressure gunmakers
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Dear Editor,

It's clear from Congressional reaction to the Oregon college slaughter that neither sanity or courage prevails on Capitol Hill. Many legislators in both houses act like NRA chew toys.

Governor Andrew Cuomo urges Democrats to shut down the government unless Congress passes tougher gun laws, but that will backfire against his party and gun control advocates. Here's a better idea.

President Obama can shut down the gun lobby's financial pipeline by ordering all federal law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Military to stop buying weapons from firearms makers and dealers who allow the sale of assault rifles and rapid-fire pistols to the general public.

He has the executive power to do this without Congressional approval. Sensible gunmakers will comply rather than lose a huge revenue stream. Those who don't will go bankrupt, like Colt already is.

I can hear wacky NRA head Wayne LaPierre bellowing: "You're putting our

troops and cops in danger by letting the bad guys out-gun them." He's

firing blanks.

Police are more endangered by the NRA, a cop killer's best friend and public safety's worst enemy. It writes death warrants for law enforcement officers who frequently fall victim to gun violence, including many in our area.

Unless the president applies his full power, more "stuff" will happen, as Jeb Bush noted. He typifies NRA backers who substitute Bushmasters for brains and pistols for another body part.

Put the heat on gunmakers to stop lunatics and criminals from packing heat.


Richard Reif

Kew Gardens Hills
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