Hopefully Sunday isn’t a sign of things to come for Harvey & Mets
by John Jastremski
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Sunday’s Subway Series finale between the Mets and Yankees was exactly the sort of game Mets fans have been dreaming about for the last eight seasons. A packed house in September, Citi Field rocking, with their ace pitcher, the man known as the Dark Knight, on the mound against a hated cross-town rival.

Seems like a storybook kind of night for Mets fans, right?

Well, everything was playing according to script. Mets with a 1-0 lead through 5 innings, but due to the innings limitations, Matt Harvey’s night came to an end much earlier than it should have.

Advantage, New York Yankees.

The Yankees pounded the Mets bullpen, took advantage of some hideous Mets defense and won the Subway Series finale in blowout fashion, 11-2.

There’s no secret, the game totally changed the minute Matt Harvey was pulled. The situation surrounding Harvey has been absolute disaster the last couple of weeks. Sunday’s game was no different.

I understand we have to protect pitchers, especially those coming off Tommy John surgery. However, what the Mets are doing now with Matt Harvey is absolutely absurd.

This innings limit was not known to anyone until right around Labor Day weekend, when Harvey’s agent Scott Boras dropped this bomb over a sizzling Mets team and stunned the entire fan base and all of baseball.

If there was an innings limit, it should have been addressed much sooner. You sit the pitcher earlier in the season, let him start his season on May 1. The idea of shutting a pitcher down in the month of September when you are trying to clinch a division is beyond ridiculous. It’s mind boggling!

Like Herm Edwards once said many moons ago, “You play to win the game!”

Limiting Matt Harvey in the most important games of the year is a slap in the face to all of the die-hard Mets fans who have been waiting for a winning baseball team for the last eight seasons.

The minute Harvey came out of the game on Sunday night, you can sense the air was let out of the balloon for any of the Mets fans in attendance.

Met fans were waiting for the other shoe to drop, Yankees fans were smelling blood.

This entire debacle has turned some Mets fans against Matt Harvey. The Dark Knight has been seen as a powerless figure even when the Mets are about to prepare themselves for their first postseason appearance since 2006.

I actually felt sorry for Harvey answering questions after the game on Sunday. You can tell he’s conflicted on a variety of different levels. However, wasn’t this the same guy that earlier in the year didn’t want anything to do with a six-man rotation because it would throw off his rhythm on the mound?

The entire charade has diminished some of the aura of Matt Harvey’s brilliance on the mound. It’s turned a bulldog into a hermit crab.

I guess you really do die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

For Harvey, my message to my agent and the Mets organization would be a simple one: Come October, by hook or by crook, I’m pitching in the postseason. No limitations, no innings restrictions, no pitch counts.

I’m doing everything in my power to help this team win a pennant.

I hope for Matt Harvey’s sake that my message will be the end result come the month of October. If there’s a repeat of what we saw on Sunday night, Harvey will never be forgiven by the Met fan.

Nor would I blame them.

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