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Dear Editor:

Stephen Hawking announced that artificial intelligence could one day threaten humanity. This has been the premise of the movie series Terminator and countless other films, fiction and nightmare claims of those losing their jobs to a machine.

No one will end the march of technology. It is a tsunami that has altered the lives of all and will continue to do so in remarkable and perhaps frightening ways.

Technology has won the battle between ineffectual labor and removing waste from corporate bottom lines. With the neverending quest for greater profits capitalism is all in supporting the revolution that has misplaced more workers than any trade deal.

Faced with this reality, politicians have been hard-pressed to address the issue. The current byword in this election cycle is “income inequality.” Not much attention has been spent in examining how technology has played in creating the substantial divide between the top earners and the ever-diminishing middle class.

The New Deal had people employed digging holes and then refilling them to earn a paycheck. Unless a revolution in educating our workers occurs, the future will repeat the 1930’s.

Corporations will evolve into few employees producing goods no one will be able to afford. Government will be forced to step in to fund basic life essentials for Americans and the downward spiral of a defunct world will leave only a lucky few able to enjoy a semblance of life.

Regardless of the politics, it is time for Congress and the president to fund the reconstruction of America’s highways, tunnels, bridges, infrastructure, and broadband and rely upon a growing tax base to provide college and advanced education to all. Without an exploding educational base that includes all, we have only a dismissal future.


Edward Horn


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