Voting for Avella
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Dear Editor:

I have lived in Queens my whole life, and since State Senator Tony Avella has been elected I have seen great improvement. Tony has always been a strong supporter of the spirit of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). He has fought hard to protect the rights of the disabled. For example, Tony has helped remove the obstacles in the entryways of many businesses.

No issue is too small for Tony. When I needed a new piece of durable medical equipment to live independently, my HMO and their vendor sent me the wrong type and, to make matters worse, it was used and abused. I tried multiple times through all the right channels to correct this mistake, but nothing happened.

After bringing the issue to Tony, within a week I had my new piece of equipment and no red tape involved. My HMO took responsibility for their part and the vendor had no another option but to acknowledge, take responsibility and correct the error. Tony's intervention prevented Medicare and Medicaid waste and fraud.

No matter how big or small or how many people it impacts, he is always there to help. When Tony sees a problem he takes care of it without being asked. My mom is an octogenarian (at the low end) and has osteoporosis so she must be cautious of the surface she walks and drives. College Point streets and sidewalks have always been overlooked until Tony was elected.

Tony has consistently toured the community on his own to ensure sidewalk and street repairs. He make sure city departments and agencies are aware of their responsibilities and act on them. Tony ensures we maintain a safe and clean environment, which improves our community's quality of life.

Our condo community has been wronged by a developer and Tony has been active in ensuring repairs and corrections are made for every unit owner. He protects us from big developers that overbuild, overcharge, and under perform. He has taken the crooked builders and DOB to task!

Elected officials are often called politicians, but I prefer to call Tony a public servant. He isn't in office as a launch pad to a political career but to genuinely serve his district. I've met him and he is genuinely a humble and regular guy.

This is why I will be voting for Tony Avella on September 9. I feel any voter who cares about Queens and its diverse communities will do the same


Suzanne Vilchez

College Point, Queens

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