Lindsay Park residents call for a transparent board
by Andrew Shilling
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Following allegations of abuse and mismanagement, nearly 900 Lindsay Park residents signed a petition calling for fair treatment and transparency from the building’s board members.

Nearly 70 shareholders marched from Sternberg Park to the management office last week to deliver the petition and call for the Williamsburg co-op to amend its bylaws for the first time since it was organized 50 years ago.

Specifically, residents in the seven-tower, Boerum Place complex called for reform to the voting process, which they say has been run with intimidation to enable certain members to continuously get re-elected.

“It is our duty as representatives to support democratic initiatives like this petition which is the legitimate exercise of Lindsay Park shareholder’s rights,” said Councilman Antonio Reynoso at the rally last week. “I urge the management and the board of directors of Lindsay Park to work with these almost 900 shareholders to call the special meeting and let the majority speak to what kind of election process they want.”

Residents claim their fraudulently elected board members have taken part in numerous illegal practices, including the misuse of the building’s waiting list, allowing apartments to remain empty for an exorbitant amount of time, and “frivolous violations” dealt to keep “troublemakers” in line.

Ronny Wasserstrom was born and raised in the Lindsay Park housing development, the largest Mitchell-Lama affordable housing co-op in Brooklyn, and joined the rally to call for reform.

“Someone has to put a stop to the corruption,” Wasserstrom said. “This lawlessness must end and we will do everything to help the shareholders.”

Carmen Padilla, co-chair of shareholders of the Betterment of Lindsay Park, said she too would fight so that every resident in the building is treated fairly.

“We urge Mayor De Blasio and HPD to include Mitchell-Lama co-ops in his housing policy plan, making sure that 2,702 affordable units remain affordable, and that no mismanagement is tolerated in our community,” Padilla said.

Marty Needelman of Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A said he plans to fight with the residents of Lindsay Park.

“Someone has to put a stop to the corruption,” Needelman said. “This lawlessness must end and we will do everything to help the shareholders.”

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Carlos Gonzalez
August 29, 2014
Thank you for bringing this problem out in the open. I have been a shareholder for 50 years and have never seen the election process abused as it has been under the current board. Enough is a enough.
February 11, 2018
It’s 2018 Cora Austin is in jail. The management agents Jay Silverburg, Vinay Vohra plead guilty and are being sentenced in April. The head of Maintenance Marvin Daniiel has been relieved from his duties and also being sentenced in Apri. THE SHAREHOLDERS ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE ENTIRE BOARD TO BE REMOVED AND GET TRANSPARENCY. HPD NEEDS TO FIX THIS WE DEMAND A NEW BOARD!
February 11, 2018
The shareholders were right when in 2014 they demonstrated in front of the management office someone listened. We need someone to listen and remove the entire board.