Liberal insanity
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Dear Editor:

There are many issues on which people can agreeably disagree, but I have concluded there can be no reasonable debate with persons who think that eliminating borders and permitting millions of unknown, undocumented and possibly dangerous persons to enter our country and then demand Americans subsidize and support those claiming victimhood is an "American immigration tradition."

It is an obscenity to compare these recent so-called "immigrants" with those who came in the last century. The latest arrivals claim to be victims of a variety of oppressions and expect to be wards of the government.

Many 20th century immigrants, to be sure, also escaped persecution and poverty. Their understanding of the “American tradition,” however, was that they would be afforded and guaranteed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Our wealth and standard of living is testament to the creativity and productivity of those immigrants. Private entrepreneurial wealth and our standard of living are now hostage to demands that it be shared and distributed because producers have been told “you didn’t build that.”

There are billions of people on this earth and because they were not born in America, a capitalist society with a constitution, are we now obliged to correct this existential flaw? Are we now the soup kitchen for the downtrodden of the world?

No compromise is possible with liberal insanity. Some states may find it necessary and beneficial to secede from the United States, thus providing a haven for the sane.


Ed Konecnik


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