Fair game
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Dear Editor:

In response to Ed Konecnik's letter and concerns about "redistributionists" (What is fair? - 5/29); redistribution is when capital gains are taxed at a lower level than labor-generated income.

Redistribution is when companies move their headquarters overseas so as not to pay any taxes at all. Redistribution is that, in spite of record profits, oil companies pay no taxes and are even subsidized

Redistribution is when mega-farms are paid not to grow crops and food stamps get cut. Redistribution is when Walmart pays employees below-market wages and are then subsidized by government to pay for those people on food stamps.

Redistribution is when the National Football League is a non-profit and has paid no taxes since 1962. Redistribution is when the rich can write off the expense of private jets.

The "rich" are not the enemy and neither are the poor. What is deserving is a tax code that is equitable and not have misinformation and talking points that frame the facts as Mr. Konecnik does.


Stewart J. Frimer

Forest Hills

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