Impeach de Blasio
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Dear Editor:

A dangerous pattern of Communist Party "democratic centralism" is apparent in Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration, as evidenced by his back-room lobbying of Council members to unanimously vote for his leftist comrade, Melissa Mark-Viverito, as Speaker; his seemingly unconstitutional top-down mandate to amend the terms of a city law on sick-pay requirements for small businesses with only five or more employees; and his nomination of friend and campaign treasurer, Mark Peters, as head of the city's Department of Investigation.

Of course, these political sequelae may be traced to the hegemony of one party, the Democratic Party in New York City, and the fact that only about 22 percent of active registered voters voted in the municipal elections of 2013. Hence, New York City essentially has a minoritarian government in faces, source, and liberal special-interests agenda, with the Republican and Conservative parties muted.

The Democratic Party is equivalent to the Communist Party in its general philosophical and socio-economic ideology, and in practice. They tout their ideas and initiatives as "progressive," rather than as policies of a collectivist ideology.

Benjamin Franklin proposed the procedures for removal of "obnoxious" leaders: impeachment. In New York State, the governor has the authority to discharge a municipal mayor upon petition of the people. My pen is quivering in my hand.


Joseph N. Manago


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May 28, 2014
may E
December 15, 2014
You are so RIGHT !!! He's not even my mayor and he disgust's me beyond belief from the days before he was sworn into office. The damage control about his daughter, his above the law attitude about speeding through stops sign's, his affiliations w/Sharpton, his putting people out of work, he secrecy about everything, His deflecting of the issues of his wife's friends who he gave big fat paying jobs & positions to who have associations with known criminal felonies and now he want's to even take down picture's of historic people that are hung in "the people's & City owned buildings", the Mayor's house...IT IS NOT HIS HOUSE !!! He is lucky he get's to temporarily live there while getting paid by the tax payers of NY all the while he collect's over 5K a month rent for where he should have stayed in the 1st place !!! Mayor Bloomberg did not take advantage & burden the tax payers of NY to do that. He constructed a friggin' fence for security reasons ??? No other Mayor ever did that. There is something very disturbing about him & he needs to be removed from office !
David DiBello
April 24, 2014

You took the words right out of my mouth! Just loving teh fact the horse drawn carriages have a higher approval rating than this fascist.