Hats off ot the men & women of DSNY
by Maria Thomson
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What a welcome change. The weather has changed and is now at a tolerable temperature. The deep freeze, snow and ice is now gone, hopefully for good. We have had rain, but that we can handle.

During our snowstorms, there is one dependable force that we can count on. That is our NYC Sanitation Department. They are always there for us, even when the ball drops on New Years Eve at Times Square. After we are into the next year and everyone has left to party elsewhere or go home, our Sanitation Department is there.

Then on the first day of the next year it is so clean that you’d never know the biggest party in the world had taken place. If there is a monumental clean-up to be done, weather it be monstrous Sandy or New Year's at Times Square, N.Y’s Strongest are there under their phenomenal leader, Commissioner John J. Doherty.

Our Woodhaven is so fortunate that we have these Sanitation men and women, many who live among us in Woodhaven, working on our behalf.

Our WBID/GWDC Office has small business low-interest loans available, please call our office at (718) 805-0202 or (718) 805-0760 for more information. We will try to work with you to secure a loan for your needs. There are also homeowner low-interest loans at 2 1/2 and 5 percent interest, please call to find out if you qualify. If you are starting a business call us for information on this as well.

Recently on our Woodhaven’s Jamaica Avenue, in and outside of Mike’s Pub (whose owner Mike Brennan was the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation’s Businessman of the Year 2012), a movie, Run All Night with Liam Neeson, was filmed. This filming also involved our Sam’s Deli. It was very exciting and I have heard that it is a very good movie, watch for it to be released later this year and look for our little Woodhaven and Woodhavenites in some of the scenes.

I have been advised by Jamie that there is a low-cost mobile veterinarian clinic parked at 137-20 Crossbay Blvd. in Ozone Park across from Animal Pantry for Pets on Sundays from 10 to 5 p.m.

Our Woodhaven has so many stores and businesses. They are located on our “Everything Avenue” on our WBID’s Jamaica Avenue from Dexter Court to 100th Street (where we are Taking Care of BIDness) to the stores and businesses off of our WBID throughout our Woodhaven. Please patronize them all.

The GWDC still has gifts for your consideration. We have an original miniature Woodhaven flag suitable for window display. Also, a gift of the recognition of the GWDC’s accomplishment in the landmarking of our Forest Park Carousel, “the Jewel of Forest Park.” This gift was given to us by the noted and accomplished artist Constance Del Vecchio Maltese, who has contributed to us replicas of her painting of a beautiful carousel horse, “The Forest Park Beauty.”

These two unique Woodhaven gifts are fundraisers that you can give to relatives or friends and are priced at $12 for the Woodhaven Flag, and $5 for the replicas of the painting. Please call (718) 805-0202 to order either of these perfect gifts, which are a part of Woodhaven memories.

May God bless our veterans who have preserved our freedom, and may God bless our armed forces who perpetuate our freedom. Also, in their honor, fly our American flag proudly above all others. May God bless our America.

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