Peter is Koo-Koo for Liu's Seat
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Koo Announces Council Run For Liu Spot

Proverbial Republican candidate Peter Koo announced Monday that he is officially running for the 20th Council District in Queens, which is currently held by John Liu, who in turn is running for city comptroller. (Just in case you were keeping score, that's Melinda Katz, John Liu, David Weprin, and David Yassky all in the comptroller's race.


The district covers Flushing, Queensboro Hill, Mitchell Gardens, Kissena Park, Harding Heights, Auburndale, and a portion of Whitestone. Since it looks like Bloomerg will be on the Republican line for mayor, we should start seeing Republicans line up to run a bit quicker than usual, hoping to piggyback on his popularity, or at least his prodigious bank account. As one prominent Queens Republican put it to us last week, "there won't be no riding into office on the Obama coattails this year. Maybe the tide will turn on some Bloomberg tails this time."

Koo officially announced his candidacy at an event at the Mulan Banquet Hall in Flushing. Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa and District Leader Mei Lin Tan were first in line to lend a hand.

Koo said we need to create jobs and lower taxes so people have the resources to live the American Dream of owning a home and providing a better life for their children and families, and that he will oppose any new taxes.

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Neighborhood on Fire
November 02, 2009
Peter Koo will smash and burn this entire community. His campaign and legislation will have to start by getting out of the lined pockets of Republican officials. It is so important that everyone votes on the third and makes sure We get Yen Chou in their to extinguish the damage this guy will do to us.

READ MY LIPS: KOO will torch everything we've built. Cut money saving programs and anything else his Party tells him to do. We have the chance to stop this now.

Read the platform and issues. Vote Yen and stop the madness.
November 01, 2009
Peter koo is definitely the best choice for this general election. He has the honesty, integrity, principle, and experience to represent the people of Flushing. Like many of us, he worked and still work hard to archieve his goals. He has been helping our community ever since he established in Flushing. He is a role model that anyone can identify with and a great example for the young generation. Yen Chou in the other hand, is not really clean in what she claim of herself. She said she was a teacher for CUNY. In reality, she never qualified as a professor to teach in any NYS public school. She tutored for a while in Queens Borough Community College because of a donation given by Sam Chan. And of her non-profit school, it is a lie. She does charge students a fee and not just a fee, but 2 to 3 times more that other simillar school. The reason, she claims that she is the only one who has materials and test that will help students to improve their scores. She uses her name to push her business. Also, as s US citizen it is ones reponsibility to vote. She did not for the last ten years and not even in her own primary!!! She does enroll in different associations but almost never attend? From here, we can see what kind of person she is. How can we trust in someone like her the future of our community? The future of distric 20 will be lost. I'm an idependant and I'm so proud to vote for Peter Koo this coming November 3. I really wish him and Flushing good luck. Please, don't vote because you belong to this or that party. Vote from your heart, who you think the best for the seat. If you just vote like Yen Chou suggested "vote for your party" then it shows that you are just another follower, someone without dream nor aspiration, someone who does not know what he/she wants nor who he/she is. Lest vote for the best;Peter koo. And, not everything is bad. Not because someone is a republican he/she is bad. Likewise, if he/she is democrat he/she is good. Yes, Peter koo is a republican. But, he is a person of pure honesty, integrity, and excellet principle. He is one of the nicest person one can ever meet. If he wins, he will not have to pay back to no one. He will just work hard to make Flushing better and better. He is not after the money or to take advantages of the seat like others. To proof this, last week he announced that if he wins, he will use his entire salary to help district 20. There are lots of community centers that need help because they are non-profit and do not get much help from the governent. Thanks you everyone.

Patrick, you are the biggest mistake eve!!!
Patrick O'neil
October 26, 2009
This guy is a big mistake.