ACA indicative of larger societal struggle
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Dear Editor:

The Affordable Healthcare Act is less about health care and more about collecting fees, taxes, personal data and promoting a single-payer system.

The schemes and machinations inflicted on congress to facilitate the passage of Obamacare have prompted many to ask if is it constitutional for the government to make any law it wishes for the sake of society?

A society that can give you everything you need is able to take everything you have. For almost 100 years, our politicians have been trying to persuade us that wealth and property is not individual but communal. The traits of charity and benefaction have been superseded by the notion that everyone, no matter their value to society, should have everything that everyone else has, simply by virtue of existing.

If everyone owns everyone else’s wealth collectively, political campaigns are merely never ending conflicts about who gets what. If a person does not own what he or she produces, then who does?

The contentious issues generated by Obamacare are symbolic of the basic conflict in the world today. It is between two principles: individualism and the sanctity of private property and collectivism, where man lives for the sake of the group or collective.

We have reached the point in America where the government is unconstrained to do anything it pleases while citizens may act only by permission.


Ed Konecnik


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