Meghan McCan’t Talks to Broadcasting King
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After leading teeny-bopping Republicans through the 2008 election, Meghan McCain has been espousing some very non–conservative views in some very public places.

Throughout the presidential campaign (which, in case you hadn’t heard, was won by some fellow named Barack Obama), unloved underdog John “Battlin’ Mac” McCain was flanked by his lovely family, including his young, recently college diploma-ed Meghan.

The young McCain girl, much older than any of Obama’s children, was in an ideal position to campaign for her father as the voice of young Republicanism, a movement that is not exactly thriving at the moment.

With her blonde hair, close political ties to a prominent candidate, and sunny-yet-serious demeanor, Meghan was with her daddy throughout the entirety of what became one of the nation’s longest presidential campaigns, blogging, video-blogging, audio-blogging, wall-blogging, blog-bloggin, and retro-blogging (a.k.a telegrams) at every step of the campaign.

She put her young career on hold to help her father in an important political battle, a noble sacrifice on her part, and her commitment stood in stark contrast to other political families of 2008 that seemed to crumble when foisted into the political spotlight. (We’re thinking specifically of the Edwards/Spitzer/McGreevey axis of sordid affairs.)

But now, five short months after the campaign to end all campaigns, Meghan McCain is shooting her mouth off. Of course, she has every right to do so. In fact, we applaud it. But when her mouth is spitting bullets of a decidedly anti-conservative nature, and when she starts doing so while being interviewed by television’s leading crackpot, Larry King, well, that’s when things start getting interesting.

During an appearance on the talk show hosted by King, who, as David Letterman helpfully points out, looks like an owl, Meghan spoke about some of her views that many Republicans and conservative-minded voters would find controversial.

She spoke about her support for gay marriage and stem-cell research, her dislike of conservative pundits, and said that she supported the sitting president, even though Obama handed the elder McCain his own keister last November.

Her views are not secret, as Meghan was on the disconcertingly long-running talk show to promote her new gig as a political columnist, but when she opened her mouth on the national and bizarre-ly popular late night program, her words hit the big time. And though she remains a steadfast Republican, many party-members are furious that that the once-potential first-daughter is backtalking so many long-held Republican views.

At Pol Position, we dig when people don’t tow the party line. It is evidence of independent thought, and as much as we try to squelch in our own minds with bottle after bottle of Night Train, we have a lot of respect for it, especially when broadcast so brazenly on cable television and in front of a lunatic television host who is equally likely to mentally snap as he is to fall asleep during his interviews.

It’s as if, to name one of our favorite politicians here at Pol Position, Councilman Peter Vallone (check here next week for photos from Vallone’s wildly entertaining fundraiser/birthday bash, but if you can’t wait, check out the video at our website) had a daughter who was known in New York City as a prominent tagger/comptroller who consistently cut funds from the city budget. And did these things on Larry King.

We say to you Meghan McCain, who is, as we write this, still suffering the slings and arrows of being a prominent party member speaking out against her own party, that it took a lot of guts to do what you did, and that you got a lot of guts.

And now, we get to the point of our little story, and that is that it might just be Pol Position’s time for national exposure. Sure, we usually stick to obscure, backwater, NYC local politics, but we think we handled dear little Meghan’s political fracas pretty well. If Larry King has any sense in his head not squeezed out by those ridiculous suspenders, he’d call us toot sweet and book us to discuss Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s hygiene. “You see, Larry, the mayor doesn’t buy Q-Tips, he buys fiber-optic X-Tips that send sonar beams into his ears that breaks down and disintegrates waxy build up. And that’s why he can sit in his third-floor office and hear the sound of tomatoes being cleaned in the sink of subterranean City Hall basement. Isn’t that fascinating Larry?”

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