Give the people what they voted for
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Dear Editor:

A disconcerting inconvenient truth is that the nature and role of government has been transformed. Protecting individual rights, securing our borders, establishing a sound monetary policy to promote a free market and entrepreneurship has evolved into re-distributing private wealth and providing equal outcomes for all.

Politicians have become re-distributors of other peoples’ stuff and the election results indicate those who promised the most stuff won.

Reason informs me that any attempt at compromise with the “re-distributors” is a fool’s errand. With respect to the rule of law and the Constitution, we either adhere to the principle of individual rights or mob rule; our nation is either solvent or bankrupt, it is either exceptional or ordinary. The American majority voted for tyranny, bankruptcy and mediocrity.

It’s time for the voting majority to experience and savor what they voted for. Instead of prolonging the uncertainty of a collapsing economy, I welcome a complete meltdown as soon as possible so we can begin the process of rebuilding and recovery.

I suggest we do not obstruct or resist raising taxes and the debt ceiling, gutting the military, running up trillions of additional deficits, expanding entitlements, bailing out and funding risky ventures. Let us just stand back and watch the pundits and media chronicle the demise without being able to blame the ensuing socialist catastrophe on Bush or anyone else.

The time has come to give the people what they want until they can’t stand it anymore.


Ed Konecnik


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