Thanks for bringing up FDR
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Dear Editor:

In a recent edition there was a letter from a John Procida. I would like to thank him for invoking the aura of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

It was so refreshing hearing the name of that giant; the savior of the Great Depression: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It acts as a rallying cry for today’s Democratic Party, the party representing the American people rather than corporations, big oil and overseas profit.

Same old, same old; history has a way of repeating itself. Republicans take down the country and the Democrats are burdened with the task of bringing it back.

In 1932, FDR was competing with Herbert Hoover, the figurehead of the Republican Party. President Obama will be competing for his second term against Mitt Romney, whichever Mitt he turns out to be.

Let us hope that once again the American people vote wisely and re-elect President Barack Hussein Obama. If the Republicans ever decide to champion the benefits of our country rather than their self interests and those of the mega-wealthy opportunistic benefactors of their Party and stop blocking the Presidents jobs bill (which was originally a Republican idea), we could emulate the great works program so that President Obama can deliver us from the disaster he inherited as did FDR, his.

Mr. Procida in his letter states “Stupid is as stupid does.” After reading his letter I tend to agree. Long live the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. May he be an inspiration for our President Obama.


Paul Farrell


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