Where's the action on electric bikes?
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Dear Editor:

Must we wait until someone dies?

I am an avid cyclist and am extremely angry that nothing is being done about electric bikes. I work and walk on Queens Blvd. and 67th Ave., and e-bikes ride on the sidewalk, salmon the wrong way on Queens Blvd. and the one-way 67th Ave., and ride across the pedestrian bridge.

I have called 311, the 112th Precinct, my community board, my congresswomen and senator’s office. I get nice letters back, but no one does anything.

Yesterday, a police car was going down 67th Ave. and two of these e-bikes passed going the wrong way; the officers did nothing. I have almost been hit, I have seen others just get out of the way. Cars have almost hit these bikes as they do whatever they please.

Must we wait until someone dies?


Ed Pino

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Ross Williams
August 23, 2012
Dear Ed, You sound like a cross between a cycle-nazi and a control-freak. I am an avid cyclist and people like you only harm our reputation. Every day I ride and share various spaces with other bike riders (many of them quite crazy), e-bike riders, pedestrians, people roller-blading etc. etc. What is the problem? E-bikes only travel about the same speed as pushbikes (they are governed). Pushbike riders ride all over the place against traffic lights, across pedestrian crossings (illegal), at night without lights too. As a pedestrian I have been hit by a bike rider. I have seen many others have accidents. Maybe you should concentrate on all bike riders and not single out e-bike riders. Many of these people have a good reason to ride - lack of mobility, injuries, arthritis etc. Show a little patience and co-operation. And happy riding. Ross