Vote Turner, Vote Guns
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Dear Editor:

My name is Richard Reif, and I'm a former Air Force officer, retired McGraw-Hill staff writer who has lived in Queens for the past 67 years. I have never had a problem with any of my congressional representatives until now, but I am disgusted by the hypocritical behavior of my current representative, Bob Turner, regarding the safety of police officers.

Rep. Turner recently organized a fundraising effort for the family of a New York City police officer who was slain by criminal using an illegal gun. But at the same time, he supports legislation that will increase the chances for more police offficers to be slain, and opposes laws that will prevent such

tragedies from happening.

Rep. Turner voted for a bill which recently passed the House that will allow people with gun permits in other states to carry concealed weapons in New York. That insane law, if passed by the Senate, will

turn our city into a free fire zone.

To make matters worse, Mr. Turner opposes a bill introduced by Senator Kristen Gillibrand that will

close the gun show loophole by requiring federal background checks for everyone who buys a weapon. The Second Amendment is not a suicide pact.

Through his mindless opposition to any sensible gun control measures, Rep. Turner proves that he is just another politician who's been bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association. The NRA also

stands for Not Responsible to Anyone. They are a lobbying group for murderers, terrorists and merchants of death - gun dealers and manufacturers.

The NRA has either purchased or paralyzed nearly every member of congress, including the person who represents my district. When Bob Turner runs for re-election in November, his campaign slogan

should be: Put More Guns on the Streets. Vote For Bob Turner.


Richard Reif

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February 23, 2012
Now we know why D1.CK is another name for Richard. . . . . You are an embarrassment to the uniform. Thank god you're no longer in one.

February 23, 2012
Turn NYC into a free fire zone? Are you serious? You are aware ccw permit holders are less likely to be involved in crime then the boys in blue right? Never mind the fact that CCW holders are all over the country (including the state of ny) and they dont turn things into the wild west.
Jeremy A.
February 23, 2012
I don't know what is worse? The fact that you are so mistaken about his voting record?

or the fact that you were a United States Airforce Officer that defends the freedoms of this country, yet fail to believe in the basic freedoms of the 2nd amendment.

Thank god we have the first amendment still so that you can embarrass yourself. BOB TURNER VOTED NO 4 times on HR822.

So basically...I do agree with you. Bob Turner should be replaced with a real conservative.
February 23, 2012
Get your facts straight Richard. Turner voted against H.R. 822.