GOP rhetoric wearing thin
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Dear Editor:

The elections are eleven months away, and the people I speak to are really getting tired of nothing coming from the Republican campaigners but negative remarks about President Obama. We want solutions not attacks and rhetoric.

Instead of basing his campaign on bashing Obama, Mitt Romney should give the American people some reasonable account on what plans he has for the economy, employment and Social Security. If he totally disagrees with the job Obama has done, fine, but stop attacking and tell us what can he do to bring prosperity back to this country.

We all know what he is against, but we don't know what he is for. Which, by the way, is what I hear from Republicans. They are against this and against that, but what are they for? Sad to say, but this is the dirtiest campaign that I have seen in my lifetime.

So far, all I can see is that Romney is for making big business bigger and richer, continuing the Bush legacy, and rolling back all social programs that benefit women, children, the middle class and poor.


Charles Merendino

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