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by Nick D’Arienzo
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Jeter looks like a kid doesn't he? Would you believe that was over 14 years ago?
Jeter looks like a kid doesn't he? Would you believe that was over 14 years ago?
Okay, so another year, another to-do list, and ain’t it the truth, we just can’t help feeling older. Well, no matter how you’re feeling about it all, folks, here’s ten things guaranteed to have you feeling even worse!

10. Like the fact that come June, that once-in-a-lifetime 4-point play, executed by one Larry (LJ) Johnson of the NY Knickerbockers against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals – well, that’s going to be 10 years ago this June.

9. And that whole McGwire-Sosa home run summer, with the MasterCard commercials, the chest-tapping, the kiss-blowing – well, that’s already 10 years ago, too!

8. And how ‘bout this, JETS fans? Remember Vinny Testaverde’s 30-plus minutes of Gang Green glory? Less than 30 minutes from the Super Bowl in the AFC Conference title game, after leading the Broncos 10-0 at one point? That’s ten years ago next week, folks! (And let’s make Vinny feel a little older, too, because that Heisman season of his was 1986 – which is a good 22-years ago!)

7. Hey, speaking of ’86, it’s been well-documented that one of MET prodigy David Wright’s long-time role models is his former manager at Binghamton, and current METS hitting coach Howard (Ho Jo) Johnson. Except for one thing, when that ball went through Buckner’s legs, and Ho Jo, Nails, Mex et. al. finally won it all… Wright wasn’t even 4 years old yet!

6. Hey, remember that great ISLANDERS dynasty with four consecutive Stanley Cup wins in 79-80, 80-81, 81-82, and 82-83? Well, guys like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin don’t… ‘cause they weren’t even born!

5. You know, when they stopped playing the US OPEN at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills in 1977 and moved it to Flushing Meadows, suffice it to say that Roger Federer’s accumulation of 13 Grand Slam singles titles hadn’t really begun in earnest… ‘cause he hadn’t been born yet, either!

4. And speaking of old, i.e. speaking of aging JETS(?) gunslinger Brett Favre, are you GIANTS fans aware that when Favre had his magical Super Bowl XXXI season in 1997, a young Elisha Manning, the youngest of Archie’s three boys, had only turned 16 a few days prior?

3. Or how ‘bout this Blueshirts fans, when the RANGERS won their last Stanley Cup in 1994, current goalie “King Henrik” Lundqvist was a but a Prince, having just celebrated his 12th birthday in his native Sweden.

2. Wait, this’ll make readers of a certain age really feel it – did you know that the Los Angeles Dodgers have now played more games out West than they ever did here in the Borough of Kings? And this’ll make you even madder, they actually revel in that fact, now that the organization is so eager to dissociate themselves from their Brooklyn roots!

1. But alas, we can think of no other tidbit greater than the following to have us all feeling rather old, and that is the fact that forever-young YANKEE shortstop Derek Jeter, the catalyst for and the personification of every single one of the organization’s most recent World Series titles, will be taking part in his 15th season with the Bombers when the new stadium opens this April. That’s right, his 15th season! Folks, as my Dad is always so fond of saying, “Tempus fugit… et non combaccipus!” (Think about it.)

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