Angry over immigration
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Dear Editor:

I am so upset over this government's failure to curb the influx of illegal immigrants to this country.

I am in my 80's, and have never seen so many Spanish-speaking people on the checkout lines at the supermarket getting hundreds of dollars of food and giving the cashier a Benefits card and paying absolutely nothing for the food.

I remained in the store for a few minutes after purchasing my food and noticed almost every Spanish-speaking person using a Benefits card and paying absolutely nothing for the food they are buying. Many of the them are in their 20's and 30's and are using Benefits cards with other people's pictures on them. Hasn't anybody else noticed this?

I saw one person leaving the supermarket and getting into a BMW hatchback. If they can afford to own a BMW pay for gasoline, pay for insurance, why is that they are receiving free food?

Doesn't anyone see anything wrong here? Doesn't anyone notice the same thing happening in every supermarket? Why should I born, in this country over 80 years ago, have such a hard time trying to pay for food and medical expenses, and these people receive all these free benefits?

Where is the justice in that?

Every American citizen is suffering during these awful economic conditions and the illegal immigrants do not have to worry at all, because they are receiving everything for free, while you and I (and every American citizen) is paying for these free benefits.

Why should I and every American citizen pay for this? If they were back in their countries, would their governments pay for these benefits? Absolutely not; so why should we have to pay for them?

The American people must contact their senators and congressmen, and yes, even the president, and demand that they do something to “over-haul” the benefits system. Do you think they will do anything about it? I don't think so. They are all too scared of harming their “image.”


Robert Horton

Jackson Heights
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