Online Printing Vs. Local Print Shops Comparison
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The decision between searching for an online printing service and going downtown to your local print shop can heavily depend on your priorities. It will include considering your resources, time, budget, and service quality. Before making an impulsive decision about an important printing matter, consider the following points:

Online Printing:

Convenient – online printing can be done without you ever having to leave the seat of your computer. If you need quick, streamlined services, online printing may be your best bet.

Offers ready-made templates and other options – online printing services handle bulk orders and have various types of clients so will likely have equipment and services that smaller businesses wouldn’t be able to offer. They will also have several template designs you can choose from if you’re still unsure about the design of your print.

Often offers lower prices – by taking on bulk orders and cutting costs from having a commercial location, online printing services are more likely to offer lower prices than local print shops.

Impersonal – there is less personal interaction with online printing services. It is easy to switch from one provider to another because of the lack of a relationship with them.

Requires knowledge – although for the most part, online printing services are cost and time-efficient, you or your employees must be knowledgeable in using computers, design layouts, and making online payments. If you don’t have your designs or layout ready and you are not able to express your needs, you may not get the service you require.

Local Print Shops:

Can check printing quality – if you need to check out samples of their printing quality you can just inspect the samples they have on hand and see if it is to your liking. If you need to print out some brochures, you can have a test-run and see if it satisfies your requirements.

More personalized services – in a local print shop you can interact with the staff and discuss the requirements in detail, some places even offer designing services. If you have a particular effect or detail you want in your prints, they may be able to help you achieve it. You may be able to build a personal relationship with your local print shop, and gain the positive aspects that come with it, like discounts or personalized service.

Easily accessible – if you need to quickly print a small order of brochures or business cards then you’re better off at a local print shop. In areas like NYC, you may even want to print a quick banner on your Manhattan storefront. This would be another case where hiring local would be better. Asides from accepting small orders, you don’t have to worry about shipping fees. You can just walk in the store, print what you need, and go back to work.

May have limited services – your local print shop may cater mostly to the popular printing demands of your area and not be able to handle special orders. This will also depend on the size, equipment, and capabilities of your local shop.

May be pricier – local printing shops have higher operational costs than online services due to their location, accessibility, and overhead costs. When printing bulk orders, online services may offer better rates.

Online printing and local print shops have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice on which service to use will depend on your specific printing needs. Analyze what points matter most to you and decide which service can better cater to your needs.

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