NBA Draft Live-Blog
by NigelC
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10:24pm Bringing our night to an end, team LeBron picks up Christian Eyenga from the Congo.


10:20pm: Toney Douglass is selected by the Lakers at 29, but remember that I said the Lakers sold that pick to the Knicks. The hometowners a kid that averaged 21ppg in a tough ACC.


10:12pm: Minnesota is a Center and a bunch of guards. It's awesome.


9:53pm: With some history, Omri Casspri was selected by Sacramento at number 23. Casspri is the first Israeli player selected in the first round of the NBA draft.


9:38pm: Keeping with the recaps: Atlanta picks Teague (Bibby's replacement!), Utah gets Eric Maynor, and New Orleans picks Darren Collison. Pardon me, I'm yawning.


9:26pm: Minnesota just picked Ty Lawson. Point guard party! Although Ric Bucher is predicting that Lawson is getting traded.


9:15pm Did anyone see Jrue Holiday sliding this far? Down to number 17 and Philadelphia.


9:02pm Phoenix picks Earl Clark, Detroit picks Austin Daye. Hearing word of Daye being kinda lazy on the court. That stuff won't fly in Motown.


8:54pm Tyler Hansbrough goes to Indiana. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not very high on him. I don't think he'll be great pro, but it's good that he's to a lower pressure (relatively speaking, they're basketball nuts in Indiana) place.


8:46pm: Gerald Henderson (SG-Duke) goes next. Charlotte loves picking North Carolinians. Saw him at the St. John's Duke game, and I don't think he's a lottery pick.


8:39pm Brandon Jennings goes to Milwaukee, and Terrance Williams goes to Jersey, not a surprise considering they just traded Vince Carter.


8:33pm: While I'm here, I've got to point everyone to my friend Mike McCray's twitter. He has been uncanny in his selections: @yomike


8:30pm Jordan Hill says he can rebound and run the floor. He took part in the Amare Stoudemire basketball camp in the summers. Now looks like he'll learn from the master.


8:25pm DeMar Derozan (SG- USC) goes next to Toronto. Toronto's going to have a nice inside-out game with Bosh, Bargnani, and now DeRozan.


8:22pm The Hometowners pick Jordan Hill at 8, so suddenly David Lee is on the block.


8:17pm Stephen Curry gets drafted by Golden State. Golden State now has a glut of gaurds. New Yorkers are in mourning.


8:14pm While we wait for Golden State to play, what happens with Flynn and Rubio? Which one gets traded? Does Rubio play in Spain another year?


8:13pm Awesome quote: Rubio when asked if he knew about the Timberwolves. "No!"


8:11pm Johnny Flynn (PG Syracuse) gets picked instead! I saw him at the Big East tournament. He's a great player! Sebastian Telfair is totally on the way out!


8:07pm New Yorkers will boo if Curry gets picked next. The Knicks want him sooooo bad.


8:04pm: Minessota just picked Ricky Rubio (PG- Spain). They're totally picking Curry next.


7:59pm: Tyreke Evans (SG- Memphis) goes 4th to Sacramento. Minnesota (which went trade-crazy lately) up next with two picks!


7:56pm: Some of the trades that have gone down today: Shaq to Cavs, Carter to Magic, 29th Pick to Knicks.


7:53pm: And in a semi-surprising move, the Thunder picks James Harden (SG-Arizona State). Suddenly I where Rubio will fall. The Kings were hot for Rubio, but I they're also hot for Stephen Curry.


7:50pm Oklahoma City is up next. Speculation is that they'll pick Ricky Rubio, <a href="">something that doesn't make Russell Westbrook happy.</a>


7:47pm A little more about Hasheem Thabeet, he's a defensive minded center. I had a chance to look at him during some Big East games. Will he turn Memphis into a contender? No. Not at all. But he will provide a strong body against Duncan and Yao in the Midwest.


7:45pm Good evening everyone. Welcome to my NBA draft liveblog. I'll be here all night to talk about the picks and the trades (and boy were there trades!).

The draft started off pretty obviously, as the Clippers picked Blake Griffin (PF-Oklahoma) with the first pick. With the second pick, Memphis picked Hasheem Thabeet (C- Connecticut).

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