Ocean wave heights
by jackmiller
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Among the P90X wide spectrum of waves thus Zig Pulse generated, those with longer wavelengths travel faster and further than the shorter waves. Hence, the more complex and high amplitude waves generated in a thunder storm arrive at the coast travelling several thou¬sand of kilometers as a "swell" which contains mainly Sketchers Shape UPS the long waves, the shorter ones having been Reebok Easy Tone dissipated on the ocean surface. Unfortunately, scientists have not Skechers yet unravelled the mechanism of the transfer of energy from the wind to the surface of the Shape UPS occan and as such considerable theoretical and experimental works has yet to be done to be able to predict precisely the high of the "swell" which crosses the shore as a greater storm surge in a severe thunder storm or a cyclone causing collosal damage MBT Shoes to life and MBT property.

So far no reliable and simple method for measuring ocean wave heights was avail¬able particularly at large distances away from the coast. Recently, a new radio method of estimating the wave
Reebok Easytone heights has been developed using Reebok high frequency radiowaves beamed towards the ocean surface from a high elevation on the coast. Such radiowaves reflected from the wave fronts reinforce each other to give a strong return signal when the wavelength of the radiowave is a multiple of half-wave length of the sea wave. One of the latest and improved versions of Reebok Zig Pulse this technique, known as the sky-wave radar, enabled ocean scientists to send radiowaves bounced forward by the ionosphere to strike the ocean surface at a great distance of 2000-3000 km. These radio signals rctracc their path and arc received back after reflection from the ocean wavefroii' with appreciable single strength at an appropriate frequency of the radiowave. The sky wave Radar has enormous potential as a powerful tool for scan¬ning large areas of ocean at great distances and measure the ocean wavelengths. Indeed, this technique can also be used for measuring the wave heights in the cyclonic region on the occan and send warning signals to be the lowlying coastal areas in case the wave heights are Shape UP Skechers so high as to give rise to a devastating storm surge. Improved and sophisticated versions Skechers Shape UPS of this technique could be used to detect and watch movements of fleets of vessels which will be particularly valuable in defence applications.


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