Will he stay or will he go?
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By the time you get around to reading this week's Pol Position, New York State might be without a governor. Again.

Reports are swirling as we go to press that Governor David Paterson is not long for Albany, and that he might be forced to resign over the much publicized aide-gate. While Paterson has vehemently held to the position that he will not step down under any circumstances (although he has said that the will not run for re-election, or rather election, since he was handed the post when Spitzer made his ignominious exit), the circumstances might have just gotten a little out of control.

The plot keeps thickening on the Paterson aide that was accused of beating his girlfriend on Halloween night last year, and the further accusations that Paterson used his office and staff to try and get the allegedly abused woman to keep everything on the down low. And, it seems, those latter accusations are growing more severe by the day.

So, since Eliot Spitzer literally destroyed his opponent and was elected governor in 2006 with almost 70 percent of the vote, New York could be witnessing its second governor in four years forced to resign under a cloud of scandal and misdeeds.

This has to set some sort of modern-day record.

So what now? It certainly looks like Andrew Cuomo is going to run for governor, and Rick Lazio has already thrown his hat in the ring as a Republican candidate, but would these two fare any better?

Wethinks no.

Maybe it's time for New York State voters to quit electing career politicians to run our state, and follow the lead of the wise and shifty folks out in the Golden Bear State: California. This is New York, and there's no reason why we can't elect a celebrity to office – we've got plenty of them living here, too.

We could go the more stately route, and elect somebody who could project the air of a born leader of men, somebody like Martin Scorsese or Robert De Niro. Or we could think completely outside the box. How about a Jay-Z/Chuck D 2010 ballot? A perfect combination of youth and experience, and I'm sure they could get Rev Run to come on board as Minister of Information.

But it doesn't just have to be about the boys, either. Doesn't Madonna live part-time in New York? Given the stalemate up in Albany and the stranglehold it has on official state business, she wouldn't really need to be here much more than a month or two out of the year anyway.

Which gets us to thinking: with all of the dysfunction in Albany since Governor David Paterson took over for Spitzer, we're not really sure how him stepping down is going to solve anything, even if he did abuse the powers of his office. No, this system is broke beyond repair and needs some red-carpet names to fix it. Time to get shallow, folks.

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