Who's responsible for health care
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Dear Editor:

Health Care is important but what is health care?

Health Care starts with good genes, good nutrition, proper exercise and the right amount of sleep. Then comes your environment, not smoking and no drugs. These things are the foundation of a healthy life and just about every one knows all of this. Who is totally in control of all above? Well, except for the genes, only the individual is.

The possibility of getting sick is always present and so we should be financially prepared for illness. What every one should have is catastrophe health care insurance with a high deductible of more then two thousand dollars and enough money in the bank to cover the smaller medical bills if they arrive.

All of the above requires prudent living and budgeting of our money but many people want and want and want and there is no money left for an emergency. Most individuals are like our government that the majority of the big spenders put into office, their attitude is borrow and spend and don’t worry about the future.

This syndrome has destroyed people and governments for as long as recorded history. Should the prudent pay for the big spenders?

Now we come to the government and their responsibility to keep us healthy. Well it is not the government’s problem, and this is clear in our constitution. Nowhere in our constitution does it mention health care of any kind. Our founders knew that if you don’t have complete control of a situation the government cannot be responsible for its out come.

Should the government dictate exactly what foods you must eat? Should the government make a law that everyone must fallout in front of their homes every morning at a certain time for calisthenics, and that we must be in bed at a certain time to insure that we get the right amount of rest? If you want the government to take care of your health watch out what you wish for, future android.

John Procida


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