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What Our Company Does…

BQEMedia is a company with well established media properties in Brooklyn and Queens. Our strengths are built upon the ‘relationship with’ and ‘ownership of’ our readers. That’s it – in a nutshell.

   We focus on Brooklyn and Queens New York and we have media properties which have been continually published since 1873. That’s more than 135 years of growing - one reader at a time.

We match our loyal readers, who we call – our  members – our family, to businesses from our neighborhood who can provide services to them. We think it’s a match made in heaven. We bring hyper-local news, activities and information to our readers/members, offering them a synergized lifestyle.

How we Do It…

We do it by providing consistent information to our readers, which they  require in their daily lives in order to live and work in our community. At BQEMedia we use our weekly newspapers, various social media, blogs and traditional news web sites which make our communities vibrant.

Our properties focus on calendar of events, crime news, death notices, birth announcements, our opinions, our reader’s opinions, profiles of important people and stories on businesses.

BQE Media owns and operates:

- EIGHT weekly community 48-page newspapers

- Two borough-wide glossy 72-page magazines

- Eight hyper-local news websites

- A group of Social Networking Web Sites for communities of web users

- Hyper-local proprietary Search Engines

- A Blogging & Social Networking School & Seminar Series

- Sports Leagues for Kids & Young Adults

Who We Are…

The Queens Ledger/Greenpoint Star Weekly Community Newspaper group, quite simply, are a group of eight weekly community newspapers which have been bringing local news of people who are being born, living and dieing in towns in Queens and Brooklyn for over a century. We have accumulated millions of readers over that time and have a weekly circulation of 150,000. The internet has provided us the opportunity to expand on the relationship with our reader customers and our business (advertising) customers by creating a synergy never available before.

Weekly Newspapers:

One of our newspapers, (The Queens Ledger) has been published every week in the same neighborhood of Maspeth, Middle Village, Woodside and Elmhurst, Queens since 1873. The Leader Observer of Woodhaven has been published every week since 1909. The Greenpoint Star was originally a daily paper in the 1800’s. Now it is our weekly which covers the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The Glendale Register, in Queens, has been published every week since 1935.

The Long Island City / Astoria Journal has been around since 1986, the Forest Hills Times since 1995, Queens Examiner since 1999 and the Brooklyn Downtown STAR since 2004.


It’s Queens – the Magazine is a quarterly magazine which is available on 650 newsstands throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It is distributed by Hudson News. It features businesses, movers & shakers and interesting tidbits. It is also the first regional magazine in New York City to be distributed electronically on a ZMag digital format. Pages come alive right in front of the reader on a computer screen. Folks, we’re all going to be reading magazines and newspapers this way in years to come. We just did it first – that’s all.

It’s Brooklyn – the Magazine is a quarterly magazine which covers Brooklyn. It is available on 650 newsstands and mailed to thousands of top businesses in Brooklyn. It too is emailed in digital format.

Web Sites:

We have eight news websites (one for each of our regional weekly papers). These websites are highly intelligent web 2.1 interactive sites which allow readers to post their own blogs, post events, place free classified ads, comment on stories and interact with all the members/readers and business customers of our Queens Ledger/Greenpoint Star family.

Business partners and customers become more involved with BQEMedia through our web sites. We offer search engine optimization and a web site development plan which includes metatags, google map finding, video, classified ads, e-commerce, coupons and more. We build websites for businesses and make them part of our family of websites – which affords tremendous online search engine optimization.

We have a website for our magazines which profiles some of the glossier things around each borough.

We are building Social Networking Web Sites for our readers/members/partners under the name ‘Brooklyn / Queens Life’. The sites, run by our members and readers, allow hyper-local interaction between readers, users and businesses. These web sites grow organically because the hyper-local groups can easily interact with each other to communicate, prosper and be proactive. So new people join every day.

Actually, with the proprietary software platform developed in conjunction with the social networking geniuses at ‘Our Varsity Inc.,” allows groups to build and grow a social network and web site of their own without even consulting us.

Queensoooooopedia     and    Broolklynooooooopedia are local proprietary search engines, which our media company owns and operates. We have linked up with ‘tybit,’ to build a search engine, which searches the world wide web, takes the top four search engine reading and combines them to give a hyper-local search result scheme which is second to none.

Each of the web sites under Brooklyn / Queens Life umbrella have this proprietary search engine – which allows business to buy key words which are available as ‘pay-per-click’ options for users of the search engine.

Blogger / Social Networking School:

Blog U is a program we offer which is part of the Bloggers School. We hold Social Media Lessons and work with the Bloggers School staff to help our readers/members/partners on blog consulting for businesses and socially savvy individuals.     We feel if our business partners and readers understand and use twitter, facebook and dig to its maximum ability, then our family will be stronger.

Sports Leagues:

Since 1990, our company as been operating a basketball and baseball league for youngsters in the Brooklyn and Queens.     Heroes Basketball League and Heroes Baseball League has nearly 1,000 participants each year. Participants join as a team and as individuals and we provide uniforms (with sponsor’s names on them) referees, scorekeepers and for tee ball we give instruction.

This effort allows BQEMedia to send a copy of one of our weekly papers to each participant, affords us the opportunity to put game results and summaries in our newspapers and on the web sites and creates a great buzz in the community as ten and 12 year-old kids see their name in the paper and on web sites. It allows us to grow with our business model of looking at our readers as members of our club.                        

Examples of How We Accomplish A Synergy Between Businesses and Our Readers / Users / Members / Partners:

With a combination of web efforts, our leadership and longevity in the community newspaper business, we bring a few hundred thousand people together with the hundreds of businesses through sponsorships, partnerships and introductions.

One of our first efforts in the synergy area was to bring together Arby’s Restaurant with our company and introduce them to our Heores league members. We held a coaches meeting at Arby’s (where Arby’s gave out food to 30 coaches), we put the Arby’s logo on the uniforms of the basketball players in the league, Arby’s gave coupons for free food to every child in the program. Arby’s was given the email address of every coach in the program – which they could use to solicit at any time. An Arby’s ad was placed next to the Heroes League game summaries on the web site. Arby’s took full page ads in our newspapers, Arby’s was given a web site on our web site (which had a google map on it, had pictures, coupons and was highly searchable on search engines).

Other BQEMedia efforts include having our fitness and health business partner “Force Fitness” run a social networking site for fitness enthusiasts in Queens. Force Fitness – as our fitness consultants has access to all of our readers and web site users. They will do things like give advice, set up core training programs, run a weekly column on our web site and draw traffic to the social networking site we run together. We know this will drive traffic to their own web site and to their gym in Ridgewood.

The web’s new life is smarter than we can imagine. Digital publishing will become stronger and a reliable platform that will be easier to use. Content will be more important than delivery very soon. Why? Because

The Kindle is the Model T Ford of the Magazine and Newspaper Industry. We will be reading news and information digitally in years to come.

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