Where Are Traffic Improve-ments For Queens?
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Dear Editor:

Once again politicians have shown contempt and ignorance. They took away term limits against the publics twice referendum. Now, in Flushing, for the benefit of businesses they intend to change traffic patterns on Main and Union Streets. I remind them if they had built the bus terminal planned over thrity years ago, there might not be a problem.

If they make Main St. north and Union south the result will be:

People going to Flushing, Queens Hosp, and Jamaica will have the equivalent of a 3 block walk from subway to their busses, and the sick, elderly, pregnant, et al who were never given even bus shelters much less a terminal to wait in will be further exposed to the weather elements.

There is money for stadiums, extension of subway, etc. etc., but nothing for pedestrians.

The stores along these routes already break the 36 inch law of extending their ware out on the sidewalks making walking

difficult. Now it would be even more so.

It is time to get rid of these “machine” politicians who are more for businesses than the people who elected them and pay their salaries.

Use the Municipal parking lot to fulfill the 30 year old promise of a bus terminal and thus eliminate the major cause of congestion. Enforce the no turn laws on the corner of Main and Roosevelt by putting police there at all times instead of sporadically.

Erect bus shelters like the ones Manhattanites have in abundance.

Vote out the politicians that ignore the will of the people.

Get rid of Bloomberg and his no term cohorts.

Restore the running and planned improvements to people who need them and know where they are needed and not too greedy

politicos and their friends.


William Pagenkopf

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