What's for dinner?
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Dear Editor,

Republicans think the antiquated Electoral College is still a good thing for our country because it protects smaller GOP states from being "dominated" by highly populated Democratic states like New York and California.

They are mistaken, every vote should count.

Let's say 100 Americans attend a backyard picnic with ten tables, and 30 people (Democrats)sit at one table, 24 people (Democrats) sit at a second table, 25 more (Democrats) sit at a third table, and the remaining 21 people (Republicans) spread out among seven tables.

A vote is taken on whether to order pizza or burgers. All the Democrats (79 people at just three tables) vote pizza, and all the Republicans (just 21 people at seven tables) vote burgers.

According to Republicans, the Republicans win and the Democrats have to pay for it. What difference does it make where you sit or what state you live in? Every vote should count.


Robert LaRosa

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