What A Private Ambulance in NYC Can Offer
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Emergencies are always a tough situation to be in for many reasons. Aside from the anxiety about the thought of a person in pain, there is always the fear for someone’s life. Nowadays, a person actually has a choice on how he or she wants to be transported to safety during an emergency: a regular city ambulance or a private ambulance. To give you an idea how private ambulance services work, here are some of its advantages:

  1. Assured comfort despite the immediacy of the situation – A private ambulance service provides the victim with comfort and ease he or she needs while being transported to a medical facility. These private ambulances usually have a more sophisticated interior, cushions seats for family members, a television screen, while having all the necessary first aid and life-support equipment for victims.

  2. They are actually multi-functional – Aside from being means of transportation for patients who need to be brought to the hospital, private ambulances are also good as a standby medical facility for location shoots, concerts, and corporate events. They are a convenient option whenever people need to be assured of a stand-by medical team who will be there in case anything unexpected happens. Party planners and night club owners for example can really benefit off the piece of mind provided by this type of service as the last thing they want is a medical commotion ruining their event.

  3. It minimizes anxiety and fear – The added amenities in private ambulances actually minimize the fear a passenger feels as he or she is being transported to a medical facility. Fearing for your life is normal, but during an emergency, victims, most especially need to be calm. The added comfort and luxury in a private ambulance help achieve this; and it not only applies to the victim, but to the concerned family members as well.


A the end of the day, the private ambulance strives to allow people to experience luxury even in distress. After all, who wouldn't want to feel as comfortable as possible during a medical situation. For long medical rides and even short ones, a private ambulance could be a good fit for many.

Contributed on 12/5/2013 by Dan Frank of Richmond County Ambulance Services 1355 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310; A private ambulance providing medical transportation services to the five boroughs of NYC including long and short distance rides out of NYC. Visit our Queens Ledger private ambulance page today.

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