Watch out for MTA exit door scam
by queensledger
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Watch out!  Nevermind the new fare hikes.  The MTA is out to get us, all of us (or at least everyone who uses the Lorimer Street subway stop).

It has been reported that the MTA is leaving the emergency exit door at that station open on purpose- and then ticketing anyone who walks through without swiping in.  The tickets go for $100.  Apparently the MTA has used this sting operation in the past.

And apparently, also, the MTA is desperate for cash if the authority is resorting to fleecing its own customers for a quick Benjamin.

Though this Queens Ledger reporter doesn't live in Williamsburg, I recently used the Lorimer Street stop and witnessed this scam first-hand. Descending the steps at the Lorimer and Union Street entrance, I saw a cop ticketing someone, and an open emergency door.

Not putting two-and-two together- it was midnight, I was on my way home from beating a deadline at the office- I was about to walk through the door out of sheer laziness (I have a monthly unlimited card) when my better judgement kicked in.

I stopped and asked an MTA worked on the other side of the grill what the deal was- did I still have to swipe through, or could I go through the open gate?

She smiled, as if to say damn- we almost had you.  "You gotta swipe through," she said.  I did, narrowley avoiding a $100 dollar ticket.  Moral of the story: don't fall for this dirty trick. We pay the MTA more than enough as it is.

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