War with Iran must be avoided
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Dear Editor:

The situation with Iran continues to grow more tense and potentially confrontational with each passing day, and the international community, especially the United States and Israel, needs to exercise extreme caution.

The last thing we need is an actual military conflict between the United States, Israel and Iran, because if that should occur, Russia and China will not just stand idly by. There is a very real danger that those two very powerful nations will be drawn into this potential conflict on the side of Iran, which would be a major disaster for the United States and Israel, as well as those Arab nations who are allies of the United States, including Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

This conflagration could certainly flare into an even larger conflict, which could result in the use of not only conventional weapons but also nuclear weapons by both sides. There will be no winners in this conflict.

Every diplomatic effort must be made by all countries to prevent this very real and dangerous scenario from ever occurring.


John Amato

Fresh Meadows
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George Christopoulos
January 29, 2012
John Amato is absolutely right!!!

Every allegation the U.S. is making of accusing Iran of developing weapons of mass destruction (Nuclear) is the exact ploy and deception used as an excuse to invade Iraq, and again with no fact or hard evidence provided. This is entirely based upon "wishful" speculation that is driven by a militarized American foreign policy that is friendly to war profiteering for a politically well connected defense industry and all their subsidiaries, and those senators, congressman and military top brass that have vested interest in those corporations. And, who among them are not?

Declaring war against any country big or small is extremely serious. To declare war against Iran, or any country, without due cause backed by real evidence is irresponsible to say the least. This is not to mention the tens of thousands of lives at stack on either side. This would of course exclude the sons

and daughters of politicians and top brass who have decided for war. The American people are dealing today with an deeply corrupt Congress and political system that will use U.S. citizen resources and lives to fight another unjust war. The real causes for wars since WWII has nothing to do with "Defense" but everything to do with War Profiteering, exploitation of resources of target countries, and in this case also to act upon Israel's insucurities. As the current events strongly indicate a momentum towards a war with Iran, China and Russia are watching very closely every move we make. As the stakes for war with Iran increase, so there is an ever greater chance for miscalculation. And as war commences the Law of Unintended Consequences comes into sharp play. Anything can go wrong to even a well thought out plan. China and Russia simply will not tolerate American aggression to continue to run rampant and go unchecked, especially as history shows how much closer in selective increments we are moving towards their own borders. The U.S. had better rethink it's entire foreign policy and strategic world view, and our blind relationships with a country that would have us do their bidding, and lead us into a war that will, in this case, have tragic consequences beyond what we could ipossibly magine.

George Christopolous