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Oh Allan Jennings, where have you been the last few years?

The former City Council member from Queens - who once threw a metal object at a reporter on live television (see photo), took out ads in Chinese language newspapers proclaiming his love for an Asian folk dancer he was dating and his dislike for his wife, threatened a fellow council member with biblical verses, got into hot water for promoting his real estate business with official City Council envelopes (we know, and you thought Paterson was a copy gold mine for Pol Position!), and once said that Councilwoman Diana Reyna was his type of woman during a City Council hearing looking into whether or not he sexually harassed two female staffers (probably not the best time to bring that up) - is back in the news again.

Allan Jennings is running for his old seat, challenging incumbent Thomas White. (The district coincidentally overlaps with the Anthony Seminerio assembly seat that is up for grabs, if that gives you any indication of the state of south Queens politics.) Also running for the seat is Ruben Wills, and Jennings and Wills crossed paths last week at the borough Board of Elections. This year's elections have been dubbed by some as the “Brawl for City Hall” - or something like that - which was really just a rhetorical flourish until last week, when very real punches started flying.

As the scuttlebutt goes, Wills wanted some of the signatures on Jennings' ballot petitions knocked off, and decided to make his point by knocking out Jennings with a sucker punch to the jaw. Now, Wills is evidently no expert pugilist, and unfortunately for Jennings campaign worker Frank Perero, Wills missed Jennings entirely and instead clocked Perero, knocking him to the floor.

Wills was restrained by Board of Elections employees, and then left the building. Cops found him in a nearby store, but he was not arrested.

Another candidate in the race, Lynn Nunes, was quoted by the Daily News as saying, “we should be getting away from this type of politics.”

Two things: 1) we're not sure what this “type” of politics is exactly; and 2) this is exactly the type of politics we need more of! Let's not settle these heated races in the voting booth, we should decide who will represent us by placing the candidates in some sort of octagon-shaped ring and letting them go at it!

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