Trump's bull
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Dear Editor,

Harry G. Frankfurt, a Princeton philosophy professor, wrote that lying assumes an awareness of the truth and that liars want to convince others that their lies are true.

BS-ers, on the other hand, don’t care if what they say is true or not. Like President Donald Trump, they just enjoy bull**itting and do it to gratify their own egos and to see if people will go along with their nonsense.

To wit, when Trump said he had learned that Obama ordered his phones wiretapped, he was not really trying to persuade people this had actually happened. It was a test to see who around him would humiliate themselves to repeat the charge uncritically.

It had to do with being loyal. Trump’s bald-faced lies serve as a loyalty test.

Here’s another example of Trump’s lies being used to test loyalty: one day Comey is soft on Clinton; the next day he is fired for being too hard on her; the day after that, it is actually not about Clinton.

The Trump loyalist is supposed to parrot back whatever Trump is tweeting or saying regarding the issue as soon as Trump puts it out.

This is the autocratic mindset in a nutshell, gathering people pledged to no principles and not even sworn to heeding their own rhetoric from one minute to the next.

A “terrific” healthcare plan that will “cover everyone” can morph into a bill to slash Medicaid rolls by 14 million and no one is supposed to notice or have any qualms over the discrepancy.

A claim without evidence that “thousands” of individuals were bused across state lines to vote in the presidential election is touted by Trump toadies as gospel.

Crazy stuff, all of it fueled by bull….


Martin H. Levinson

Forest Hills

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