Trump’s arrogance
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As predicted, the Trumpster’s campaign is beginning to unravel due to his arrogant nature and nasty comments. The Donald will soon find himself alone on the stump as more responsible Republicans distance themselves from him because of his toxicity.

The RedState Gathering, a Republican meeting of over 1,000 conservative activists, in Atlanta, disinvited him due to his post-debate nasty “blood” tweets about Fox’s Megyn Kelly. Trump had a public fight with Rosie O’Donnell a couple of years back, and Megyn used The Donald’s own name-calling words when asking him how he felt about women.

This question really set him off. It was like prodding a caged animal with a stick. At the end of his response, he turned on Megyn by saying there were things he could say about her, too. In other words, “watch out Megyn, you could be in my sights too.”

To enliven the show, Fox baited Trump in the opening moments of the broadcast by asking if there was anybody on stage who wouldn’t pledge to run as a Republican. This was a direct assault on Trump since he has stated that he may run as an Independent if doesn’t get the party nomination. He had to raise his hand and state his case to the claps and boos from the audience.

Sadly, the much hyped “debate” was not a debate at all and those of us expecting any serious dialogue were very disappointed. During real debates, the debaters are asked the same question, and they go point and counterpoint with their answers. Political theatre is not debate. It did serve the purpose of getting very high ratings for Fox. And for Fox, money talks. Everything else - including the truth - walks.


Tyler Cassell

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