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Dear Editor,

The contentious 2016 presidential election is now history. However, the story and ultimate upset will be discussed and studied for generations to come.

Donald Trump did not win because America is a racist or xenophobic nation. He won because Americans rejected establishment politicians whom they felt were pushing their own agendas and were not listening to the electorate.

Plus he was the only candidate who confronted issues people wanted to discuss.

A total of 20 candidates left the starting gate well over a year ago, four Democrats and 16 Republicans. All were establishment politicians except for Mr. Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

While the latter two had some good ideas and seemed like decent people, they basically ignored the issues that were of concern to Americans.

Despite Mr. Trump's sometimes harsh words, refusal to provide his tax returns, rejection by the Hollywood elite and lack of political experience, he eloquently addressed Americans on what was most important to them.

Mr. Trump discussed this nation's broken immigration system, terrorism, taxes, the failures of Obamacare, serious implications of upcoming nominees to the Supreme Court, and Americans' anger that over what illegal aliens get free that native citizens must pay for.

As for the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, it must be reviewed realistically. She did, but it was the votes in just two states that gave her that distinction.

If not for the count in California and New York, two states very much out of touch with the rest of America, she would not be ahead in the popular vote.


Edward Riecks

Howard Beach
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