Time the state made fantasy betting a reality
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Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's crusade against daily fantasy sports was misguided from the start, and it's great news to see Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing ahead allowing it again in the state.

Daily fantasy sports have clearly shown a prevailing popularity in our country – ads for DraftKings and FanDuel now blanket stadiums and television airtime during major sporting events – so they're not going away anytime soon.

It's a game of both skill and luck, as a lot of gambling is, but it's much more skill than playing the lottery or even most casino games. If a New Yorker can spend $200 on scratch-off tickets, Powerball or even a video poker machine at Resorts World Casino, then why not have a little more say and try and up your odds by using superior knowledge of your subject.

This is different from betting on individual sporting events because you're choosing the lineup. Yes, you're still subject to the ebb and flow of a sports game and all the randomness that entails, but at least you have somewhat of a say in it all.

Gambling on fantasy sports happened long before the existence of these daily sites and continued on even with the ban in place. Now, with the sites and their activity regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission, which collects tax revenue on the betting, daily fantasy sites will be much more above board. Regulation, especially for things like online gambling, is very important.

This was another case of government's selective outrage in trying to take away something they deem bad for society without any rhyme or reason. One can still legally eat three Big Macs, wash it down with an energy drink and then top it off with a pack of cigarettes, three things that are much worse for residents than daily fantasy sports.

We're a country that has totally subjective feelings towards different vices and this one was going to happen with or without the government's approval. It's about time everyday New Yorkers started to benefit from the daily fantasy sports juggernaut.

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