The truth behind rising gas prices
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Dear Editor:

The reason, and only reason, why gas prices and the price of everything else is going up is because "our" government has wrecked our economy.

They do this by inflating our currency (the true textbook definition of inflation), thereby lowering the value of all existing money. This in turn requires merchants and businessmen in general to raise their prices in order to make a decent profit.

Readers may disagree – it's their right - however that disagreement is not the issue. Further, if you disagree, you may need a lesson in high school economics.


Frank St George

East Rockaway

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ronnie connors
March 10, 2012
But the Obama Drones don't realize this. He has devalued the dollar by 33% since he's been in office. Another VERY inportant FACT that isn't brought up because people don't know is that oil is only traded with the US DOLLAR, no other currency. THUS dollar is WORTH LESS, so it takes MORE DOLLARS to buy OIL which equates to HIGH OIL PRICES!!