The governor becomes a bona fide TV star
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It seems like everyone just wants him to go away, so Governor David Paterson has decided to be everywhere!

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that the president himself - yes goslings, Barack Obama - told Paterson that he wanted him to bow out of the 2010 governor's race because the White House was afraid of losing the governorship of such an important state as New York to those hated Republicans. Wow, we at Pol Position don't care how low your approval ratings are, when the leader of the Free World takes time out of his busy day to remark on what a weak candidate you would be in a race that is still a year off, you know you've hit rock bottom.

Paterson has since said that he hasn't heard anything from the White House about not running again for governor, a job he was given after Eliot “I Keep My Socks On” Spitzer was nabbed in a call girl ring sting.

But that's not all Paterson had to say!

The attention given to him by the folks down in Washington, D.C., got him an invitation to the nationally televised, widely respected Sunday morning news show Meet The Press, where he was able to tell the nation (as if they cared) that he would indeed be running for another term as governor, whether Barack Obama liked it or not.

And then he got some face time on CNBC's Squawk Box, where he already began lashing out at his opponents, whoever those people might be. Paterson already seems like a man fighting for his job, and there isn't anybody who's declared that their even interested in taking it from him (although Andrew Cuomo and Rudy “I Can't Just Go Away” Giuliani are widely believed to be interested in becoming the next governor of the most dysfunctional state in the United States – sorry California, at this point, we think we've got you beat).

We can't wait to see what the next year holds, and doubt with this circus media that anything it going to get accomplished up in Albany anytime soon. Maybe it's time to revisit Peter Vallone, Jr.'s idea about just seceding and creating our own island nation-state just off the coast of New York.

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