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Dear Editor,

The August 13th issue included a letter from John Amato decrying the practice of teachers in New York City passing students who have not shown the proficiency to earn a promotion or diploma.

It is not the first time such had happened, nor will it be the last. At least, not until the politicians, teachers and Department of Education place the blame where it truly belongs.

It has become more and more common in America that teachers are held responsible for the success of their students. Teacher's salaries, tenure and evaluations are based on how well the students perform.

Under such standards, is it any mystery teachers are passing mediocre or subpar students, something that never would have happened in my day?

Teachers are teachers, but the ultimate responsibility for success lies with the parents. In my school days, my parents allowed me no music, telephone, television, sports, or hanging out with friends until homework was completed. I'm afraid those times are long gone.

How can children be expected to advance, when our government has created a maze of social programs, quotas, and government dependence that does not teach self-sufficiency, but reliance upon government?

You are right, John. But the problem here is the overblown labyrinth of government bureaucracy, social programs, government dependence, teachers unions, social culture and officious government interference into every aspect of our lives.

Unfortunately, it appears this is what education in America has become until some courageous, unbeholden politicians, educators or civic leaders step forward. No wonder our expertise, status and excellence as a nation has lagged behind Europe and Asia.


Edward Riecks

Howard Beach

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