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Why One Should Not Be Choosy Over Jobs These Days
by SylCart
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Fresh graduates always have this idealistic mode to get the job of their dreams. And so, they earnestly go out of their way to be overly-presentable at interviews, be hyper in job fairs, well you know the story. Although it is admirable, it is not really that advisable these days.  

Jobs are really, really hard to come by these days.  Unemployment rate is at 9.5% and the highest in decades. It is a pity and yet we do not have time to just sit back and sulk in one corner to contemplate the unfortunate turn of events, as evident in the struggle of Maspeth entreprenuers. This is the time where we just have to make sure that we can have something decent to put into the table either for ourselves or for someone else.  If we do not have that drive, then it's time to reassess the priorities.

The economy is one of the major factors why we should not be that overly-picky over the jobs that we choose to even just merely apply.  There is nothing wrong with being choosy, just not to the point where there is already a decent opportunity to work and yet you'll turn it down because you want something else. Read on for the other practical reasons:


  • There might be jobs, but the number of qualified people are becoming less.  This is the irony that some experts are saying, that in spite of the downhill economy, there are actually vacant jobs, but the thing is, only a few are hardly- qualified individuals out there. Average-paying jobs are even harder to come by as some companies now prefer interns or give out freelance writing opportunities in order to minimize operational costs in terms of paying their employees.


  • The cost of living is getting higher by the day.  Even the basic stuff now are costing higher than like 10 or five years ago. We need to be prudent and hone the art of spending on the most important stuff and save more for the stormy days as the connotation “rainy days” is not applicable anymore as these are hard times.

In these times of economic turmoil, it is better to be alert rather than slack around and wait for the sky to turn blue because it won't, at least for a couple of months or so.


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