Renew ban on assault rifles
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Dear Editor:

Since I am not a gun enthusiast my opinions on the subject of guns are personal.

Studies have shown that the number of homicides in a country is directly in proportion to the number of guns. The United States has the dubious honor of being fourth in the world in the number of gun-related deaths per year (9,369), only behind such distinguished company as South Africa (31,918), Colombia (21,898) and Thailand (20,032).

Conversely, all other advanced industrialized countries fare enviably better, such as Germany (269), Canada (144), Japan (94) and England (14).

Hunting is a passion for some. They enjoy trekking through the woods with their rifle, legally licensed to shoot at birds and animals. The same applies to pistols and those wanting to be prepared to ward off a home invasion. These rights are guaranteed by the Second Amendment and therefore perfectly legal.

But what in the world is the need for military-style assault weapons that can fire repetitive rounds with the mere flick of a finger?

One does not need an assault weapon to shoot a deer or protect one’s family. No one should own an assault rifle except our soldiers in the military and the law enforcement officers who protect us.

In 1994, Congress passed a ten-year ban on assault weapons and President Bill Clinton signed it. Unfortunately, it was allowed to abate. It is time to reinstate the ban.

One enormous hurdle of course is the omnipresent NRA. They are as much of a danger to the safety of our citizens as are the assault rifles.

Their paranoia that the government is going to steal their weapons is idiotic but has rubbed off on a large portion of our citizenry who actually believe it. Let us hope that facts conquer fears.


Nicholas Zizelis


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August 18, 2012
We should also remove our freedom to choose and the right to free speech, right to elect officials and propose laws, in fact we should just all move back to England. If you don't like the united states of Freedom, move your socialist ass to china. You are uneducated in gun laws and in crime statistics for the united states. Do us all a favor and close your mouth when topics that don't include your love for communism come into conversation.
August 17, 2012
Idiotic paranoid the government will take guns, please RE-instate the ban, am I the only one that sees irony in that?

Do you need a car that goes over 65? Nearly 4 times more people die in vehicles that with guns, maybe we can look into banning all vehicles capable of going over 70, there really is no need for them, and it's for the greater good.
August 17, 2012
Unfortunately, for you anyway, statistics, and facts are in diametric opposition to your opinion. Since the "assault weapons ban" was allowed to lapse crime of all types has fallen, including a 13% drop in gun related crime. Besides which, the "assault weapons ban" never actually banned anything, it only made manufacturers remove certain cosmetic features from their firearms, that had nothing to do with the function of the rifles.

Here's a little chart showing an inverse relationship between gun ownership and "gun deaths".
August 17, 2012
Like an idiot, i forgot to include the link, here it is.