Only The Jets
by John Jastremski
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Week 15 was the weekend of the unthinkable in the NFL. The old cliche of “Any Given Sunday” was in full effect.

It would be fair to assume that when your team is responsible, according to the Vegas oddsmakers, for pulling off the biggest upset according in a regular season game in almost 25 years, the fan base would be overjoyed by the outcome.

But for suffering New York Jets fans on Sunday, it was not a feeling of elation but one of anger and despair.

The Jets stunned the playoff-bound Los Angeles Rams for their first win of the 2020 season, but it was tough to find a fan that was happy about the result.

The 2020 Jets season has been a lost cause since the first game of the year.

Despite all of the blowouts and the humiliation, there was a silver lining to each and every week. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was waiting for you as the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Finish with the worst record, even if it's an embarrassing 0-16 season, and the game-changing franchise quarterback is there waiting for you.

Clearly in Week 15, the Jets and Rams players had other ideas. The team that was supposed to lose actually won.

The reactions on social media and from Jets fans for the last 48 hours have been the equivalent of a terrible playoff loss that you simply can't get over.

The Jets went from being the clear frontrunner for Lawrence to now needing help from the Jacksonville Jaguars in order to flip the script.

It is quite possible that the generational talent may be lost because of a meaningless Week 15 victory.

For those who mock that sort of logic, ask yourself this question: would the Giants trade tackle Andrew Thomas for Washington Football Team defensive end standout Chase Young?

Of course they would, in a heartbeat.

Well, the Giants could have had Young and instead beat Washington in a meaningless Week 16 matchup that sent Young to DC and Thomas to the Giants.

Would any Giants fan prefer keeping that win right about now?

Imagine that scenario, but 1,000 times worse by squandering a chance to land a quarterback the caliber of Trevor Lawrence.

It seems inconceivable that a team that finishes 1-15 on the year could actually find a way to miss out on the first pick of the draft.

It hasn't happened since 2002, and the only reason it happened then is because the NFL expanded to Houston.

It shouldn't happen, but then again, only the Jets.

The first person I thought of after the loss was one of my favorite entertainers in Hollywood, the iconic Larry David.

Larry David is a comedic genius. “Seinfeld,” “Curb,” trust me you don't need the resume.

But why Larry David?

Last season on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” there was a character on the show who in so many ways resonated with Jets fans everywhere.

A character by the name of Carl, who's die-hard Jets fandom and years of torture ultimately leads to his passing.

Of course, David goes the extra mile for comedic purposes because, well, he's Larry David, but the line "the Jets killed Carl" is one that hits home for a whole lot of long-suffering fans.

Even when you're supposed to lose, you win. No wonder the Jets killed poor Carl.

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