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Dear Editor:

After reading the letter written by Margaret Fogel in the January 8th issue, I didn't know whether to laugh or go into shock. She refers to Republicans as negativists and that to live like a Republican, one must vote Democratic.

Margaret, at one time I would have agreed with you. But by the mid-1960s, during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, and continuing to today, the Democratic Party has been overtaken by the far left.

Its sole strategy for winning elections and governing has been social programs and race baiting. Since that time, taxes have risen so dramatically that in nearly all marriages both partners must work to support the family. Those social programs do not pay for themselves.

The nearly half-century of socialism and government dependence has raised more than two generations of Americans who rely on the government for existence. Why bother taking responsibility for children or getting an education? The government will do that for you. Government has grown so big that it intrudes into every aspect of our lives.

You might reply by averring that the Republican Party is that of big business and the wealthy. To a certain extent, I am in agreement with that. But it is big business that creates jobs and keeps citizens off the public dole.

Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, any time Republicans controlled either the presidency and/or Congress, my taxes were lower, buying power greater, and more jobs were available.

I do concede that the economy tanked and unemployment rose during the presidency of George W. Bush. But just last week the government announced that there is more to the reports of lower unemployment during the Obama administration. Many Americans have simply given up looking for work, and buying power increased by less than 1 percent.

As far as fuel prices, the current drop in prices will not last. It is likely that by the summer vacation season that reprieve will be over, as domestic production decreases and foreign imports grow.

Many nations go through periods of temporary success. Mitt Romney stated during the last presidential election that 47 percent of Americans receive some type of government assistance, a figure likely to go over 50 percent by the 2016 campaign. It's pretty pathetic for any nation to have such a large percentage of its population dependent upon government.

In that situation, with a majority of citizens voting on the “gimme-gimme-gimme” principle, we are no longer a democracy. The nation becomes a socialist dictatorship.


Edward Riecks

Howard Beach
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